Krista Ramirez

   Krista Ramirez, founder of KR Fit, has dedicated her career to fitness for everyone. 

She grew up in the dance studio, competing in solo and group dance until graduating high school and then moved on to dancing at Rutgers University. 

Krista was a member of the New Jersey Gladiators arena football dance team, and went on to dance professionally for recording artists and events. 

  Dance has always been Krista’s passion and she believes in the joy of movement.  Krista knew she wanted to infuse that joy with fitness.  She became certified in Yoga Booty Ballet and became an AFAA certified personal and group fitness instructor. She created Triple A (Arms, Abs, and Ass) as well as her Barre and Band class.  With the creation of KR Fit, Krista’s goal is to leave you smiling, perspiring, and inspired. 

Strong is Sexy!

Krista Ramirez Fitness

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